Job Seeking in a Global Pandemic

Brad Jones
Brad Jones

The transformation of hiring due to Covid-19 is rippling across the business world. Lack of work, increased competition for positions, and outright hiring freezes are something people are dealing with every day. No group feels this more acutely than the graduates of 2020.

As I complete my MBA via exchange at London Business School, LBS, I am constantly looking for information and guidance to buttress my ramping job search. The HKU MBA Career Services department recently held a webinar with Varun R Thakur. I am so thankful that they did. Varun had several helpful ideas and spoke with us for almost 2 hours. One idea I latched onto was taking the effort to make a personal website. A personal website can not only showcase your skills but demonstrates in cold, hard pixels that you are willing to put in the extra effort and to exceed expectations. Personal websites:

  • Give recruiters and hiring managers more insight into passions and motivations
  • Allow candidates to paint outside the lines of Linkedin and resumes & CVs
  • Create greater impact with visual information, portfolios, and storytelling

I am very pleased to share my brand new personal website:

Brad Jones website

A giant thank you to my wife, Maggie Jones for helping me throw together this site from inspiration on Thursday afternoon to completion on Saturday evening. I think you’ll agree we did some heavy lifting (especially alongside my crazy course-load), but I know it will pay off. And huge thanks to Varun (He is available for personal sessions) and the rest of the HKU team (Vivian CheungAmy PanErnest Cheung, and more!)

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