Transitioning to Agile

Agile Methodologies, Strategic Agility, and Leadership all come together in modern corporations to create effective and outperforming organizations.

Success can cause people to unlearn the habits that made them successful in the first place.

Satya Nadella

Professor Marcus Alexander is just finishing up a superb class at London Business School on being strategically agile in all parts of a company structure. At one point we were tasked with finding examples of agility within a corporation. One that had overcome adversity and successfully embraced change.

I hope you enjoy this 5 min video we made. Huge thanks and credit go to my LBS teammates: Francois van Dyk (PhD PRM BTRM CHP FIFM), Lynda BurtonHuzaifa Sikander and Aayushi Mathur. Also a very, very big thank you to our special interview guests Malvika Mathur and Marissa Jones.

We could think of no bigger example than Satya Nadella and his transformation of Microsoft.

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